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Adult Sunday School


Ladies Bible Study

Why We're here

“University Christian Church exists to help build God's Heart into People.”

A heart for God in celebration
           for culture in mission
           for others in service
           for our family in community
           for our faith in witness
           for creation in caring stewardship
           for Christlikeness in discipleship

Worship With Us

Sunday Worship Service    11:15AM 
Message- Greg Steere
 Sunday Bible Study            10:15AM

Combined Service May 29th
Bible Study     9:30
Worship        10:30
Coffee Hour following worship

"We do not claim to be the only Christians, but are blessed to be Christians  Only."

  • UCC Ladies Bible Study- 

         Thursdays free? Join us!   UCC Ladies and friends are studying the Bible together!   We will meet every Thursday at 6:30p.m. at the Annex. (White house next to the church) We are studying “Battle Plan for Prayer” by the WarRoom guys Alex and Stephen Kendricks. No need to have the book.

  •  Is there a subject of study you are interested in?   Leave a message for Traci Steere at 517-332-5193.   See announcements for updates, weekly readings and subject of study.